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 Artist Speaks Multicity Tour


In August 2015 I embarked on a US Promotional Tour with fellow artist Chrycee and guitarist Dwight Florent. This tour was amazing in my mind. The unfamiliar faces I got to greet, the talented creatives I got to hang out with, the foods I ate, the long train rides, the early morning flights, taxis, rehearsals, awesome performances… they all came together to shape an unforgettable music experience that I will forever cherish no matter how many more tours I embark on.


As with everything else in life a few things didn’t go as planned and there were disappointments, especially in the days leading up to my departure from St. Lucia but, once I got on that flight to New York I felt like my life had been reset. I felt like a carpenter with the power to redesign and remodel my music career in any form of my choosing. It was my intention to make the best of this opportunity that Chrycee made available to me and to represent her to the best of my ability as well as representing my brand.


I performed at four venues: The St. Lucia House in Brooklyn, Tiki Bar in Staten Island, Ginger Bay Café in Hollywood, Florida and The V Lounge in Santa Monica, California. Each venue had its own unique appeal and I looked forward anxiously, not only to performing at each, but to etch an irreplaceable mark on the minds of every soul in the audience. I wanted to impact every being on a visceral level. If after the events they didn’t remember my name I wanted them to remember how this skinny light skin dude made them feel.


I don’t want to make this long so I will summarise by saying this: It’s time to plan tour number 2!

Follow me on Instagram @meccamusic to see pics from this recently completed tour.

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