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Let's Make A Number One Hit Video

Challenge after challenge; block after block; disappointment after disappointment; that’s been the never-ending story over the last year and a half, as I’ve tried to produce a music video for “Number One Hit.” To be honest, at times it’s left me feeling extremely low—crushed even—by the constant delays, fumbles and disappointments. I’m pretty sure you know that feeling; the despair which sets in when something you really want to achieve seems to be slipping through your fingers and no matter what or how hard you try, doors keep being slammed in your face.
In my music and life, I’m always seeking to push past barriers and norms, so the initial idea for the music video was a grand one which involved a cast and crew bigger than any I’ve worked with to date. Determined to produce the best music video I can, I sought creative ways in which this could be accomplished. I held meetings with several videographers, optimistic that I’d find that perfect match; one with a shared creative vision, zeal and enthusiasm about producing an enthralling high-quality video, and of course with an affordable price range. Unfortunately things never quite seemed to fall into place and some of the prices hurled at me were far beyond my budgeted reach, especially considering the added costs of extras, makeup, venues, permits, licenses—to name a few.
Things began to look up when my proposal to the Ministry of Creative Industries’ Music Video Stimulus Package was approved. As a selected recipient of this grant, the filming and production of one of my music videos would be funded by the St. Lucian Government. To say I was overjoyed by this news would be an understatement. Honestly, I could hardly contain my excitement as finally the answer to one of the biggest stumbling blocks in the video production had arrived. Or so I thought. . .
Alas, several occurrences since the signing of the agreement thwarted the disbursement of the funds, so once again I was stuck with a brightly flavoured dance track, a video dream, and no means of making it a reality. 
I went through a dark period then, contemplating whether I should just give up and forget about this dream. Thinking maybe I had set my sights too high and perhaps it just wasn’t in the cards for me. Thankfully, encouraging words from several friends, supporters, fans and well-wishers helped bring me back from the gloomy ledge of despair which I was peering out from. I was reminded that while life journeys are sometimes filled with challenges and obstacles, if we look beyond the sadness and disappointment we’ll surely find a community of friends and supporters willing to give us the boost we need to overcome every hurdle. 
This is why I’m now encouraged to turn to you for much needed support and assistance to produce an undeniably mesmeric music video for “Number One Hit”—one which will go a long way towards internationally marketing and showcasing my craft.
Indeed, a little goes a long way; so whether it’s a contribution of EC$25, $50, $100, $200, $500 or $1,000, it will substantially assist with meeting the associated costs. With each contribution, you’ll receive some very special perks as detailed below—my way of saying thanks for your resounding support.
Contributions can be made via PayPal by clicking the "donate" button below, or by contacting me at 758-487-3595 for pickup or to arrange another method more convenient to you. This campaign ends on February 28th, 2017. 


I am truly grateful for your assistance and thank you for your generous contribution.

Contribute $25 ($10usd) and receive:

•    Early access to the music video.

•    Credit at the end of the music video.

•    Personalised greeting card.

Contribute $50 ($20usd) and receive:

•    Early access to the music video.

•    Credit at the end of the music video.

•    Personalised greeting card.

•    Futha Muckin’ Popstar” digital download.

Contribute $100 ($40usd) and receive:

•    Early access to the music video.
•    Credit at the end of the music video.

•    Personalized video message.
•    “Futha Muckin’ Popstar” digital download.

•     Signed Poster

Contribute $200 ($80usd) and receive:

•    Early access to the music video.
•    Credit as the 
Producer at the end of the music video.
•    Personalized video message.
•    “Futha Muckin’ Popstar” digital download.

•    Signed Poster
•    “The Mecca Made Me Do It” 

Contribute $500 ($200usd) and receive:
•    Everything in $200 package plus,

•    Credit as the Producer at the beginning of the music video.

•    "Kingz & Monsters" digital download.
•    The Mecca Spoon 

Contribute $1,000 ($380usd) and receive:
•    Everything in $500 package plus,

•    Lunch with The Mecca.

•    One (1) surprise gift