Emotional Baggage NFT

Award winning artist, The Mecca, continues to shower the world with his unique sound, style and Caribbean-influenced approach to Hip-Hop music; this time via Drunk Text: a brash, straight forward record audaciously executed.

The Silver Tier includes IRL commemorative tokens, MP3 and Wav file downloads while the Gold Tier also includes an Ultra Rare 3-piece merch set in collaboration with Garranteed Fly. This is a unique design specifically for this drop and will never be made again.

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Although his vocal style varies according to the song he is performing, The Mecca's songwriting is usually described as bold and shocking, often referring to partying, sex and depression.

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Caribbean Hip-Hop Artist With Music On Netflix, Fox, Vh1 And More

Born Keen Cotter on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, The Mecca’s musical style is comparable to Pitbull’s and Fabolous'. His unique sound incorporates strong electronic elements fused with a Hip-Hop approach and Pop vocal tones all wrapped beautifully with his Caribbean influences. Merging solid lyrical artistry with a deep well of emotion and determination, he has surfaced as an astounding musical force.

The Mecca, formerly known as Young Mecca, is currently promoting his second NFT project, Drunk Text, a music collection with two available tiers: Silver and Gold.

Drunk Text is a brash, straight forward record audaciously executed. It was produced by, and also features, Sherwinn Dupes Brice - a long time Mecca collaborator.

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